We recently had the chance to upgrade our bathroom décor with the QEEIG 24-inch floating shelves, and we must say they’ve brought a rustic charm to the space. These shelves aren’t just about looks; they offer practical storage solutions too. With a wider 9-inch depth, they’re perfect for housing everything from bathroom essentials to decorative pieces, creating a neat and stylish display.

What impressed us was their sturdy build, thanks to the steel brackets that can support up to 25 lbs. This means no sagging or tilting – a common concern with floating shelves. Install them easily by following the included instructions, and enjoy the neat appearance that the invisible bracket design provides.

We found these shelves to be a clever way to fill up empty wall space and customize to our liking, whether above a desk or alongside a bathroom mirror. It’s noteworthy that they’re made of engineered wood, so they might not meet the expectations of those looking for solid wood, but their finish is pleasing and fits well within a farmhouse style décor.

Bottom Line

For anyone looking to add a touch of rustic warmth to their space along with functionality, these QEEIG floating shelves are a solid pick.

They balance style and substance well, so if you’re ready to transform your walls, click here to purchase these bathroom shelves and get organized in style.

Overview of QEEIG Bathroom Shelves 24 Inches Long Floating Shelf

After installing these shelves in a small bathroom space, we found that the medium-density fiberboard offered a look that blended seamlessly with the existing decor. The dimensions (9.3″D x 23.6″W x 1.5″H) provided ample space for a variety of items, from baskets to bath towels. With the steel brackets supporting up to 25 lbs, durability wasn’t an issue. We appreciated the slightly upward angle which kept our items securely in place without any sagging over time.

Mounting them was rather straightforward, thanks to the clear instructions. We had them up and ready in mere minutes. Their design is clean, with the hardware cleverly hidden, enhancing the wall with that coveted farmhouse aesthetic. The shelves filled the empty space above the toilet, adding both functionality and rustic charm.

Despite the sturdy construction, it’s worth noting the material isn’t solid wood, so there might be some color variation. However, this didn’t detract from their natural look. Plus, the 5-year warranty and customer support promise peace of mind with this purchase. The recommended care—wiping with a dry cloth—is convenient and helps maintain their appearance over time.

Engineered Wood Design

In our hands-on experience with the QEEIG shelves, they present a sturdy and aesthetically pleasing solution for those in need of extra storage. The laminated finish imitates rustic brown wood, adding a warm, farmhouse touch to a bedroom, without compromising on durability. We appreciate how the shelf surface handles items confidently—it doesn’t buckle under weight, thanks to the heavy-duty design.

The care for these shelves is straightforward; a simple wipe with a dry cloth keeps them looking fresh. We didn’t detect any elaborate maintenance needs. However, it is worth noting that while the engineered wood provides a strong foundation, it’s not the same as solid wood, which means it might not be suitable for those desiring authentic wood grain.

The balance between toughness and style is well-achieved here. We placed various items on the shelves, from books to decorative pieces, and found that they held up impressively. The two shelves in the set double the display options, which is quite handy for organizing different items effectively.

Shelving Space and Dimensions

In our experience with the QEEIG bathroom shelves, we appreciated the ample 24 inches of length per shelf, providing a good surface area without being overly obtrusive. Their depth is sufficient at a bit over 9 inches, making them practical for a variety of items, from toiletries to decorative elements. With the shelves being fairly slim at just 1.5 inches in height, they maintain a sleek profile against the wall.

We found the heavy-duty nature of these shelves reassuring; despite their elegant farmhouse style, they don’t compromise on sturdiness. In terms of installation, placing them in a bedroom or a bathroom proved to be no challenge, thanks to their straightforward design. Each shelf is designed to hold up well, suitable for an adult’s space where both functionality and aesthetics matter.

However, keep in mind these are fixed shelves, so while the two-piece set gives flexibility in arrangement, there isn’t an option to adjust the width or the spacing between the shelves once installed. Our overall impression is that these shelves successfully balance practicality with style, providing durable and reliable use without skimping on the rustic appeal.

Sturdy Support System

We recently got our hands on these rustic brown floating shelves from QEEIG, and we must say, we’re impressed with the support system. The engineered wood build, complete with an invisible bracket design, successfully merges aesthetics with functionality. It’s not actual solid wood, yet they mimic the look well, bringing a farmhouse charm to our space.

What stands out is how the enhanced steel brackets comfortably hold up to 25 pounds. In our experience, the installation was hassle-free, and once set up, the shelves didn’t show any signs of tilting or sagging—the slight upward angle design ensures long-term stability. These shelves have become a sturdy base for our succulents and keepsakes, with no wobble to worry about. However, we did notice that the included screws could be better. To ensure full stability, you might consider getting stronger wall anchors, but that’s a minor setback in an otherwise reliable product.

Invisible Bracket Aesthetic

After recently mounting these QEEIG shelves in our home, we’ve been admiring their “floating” design. The invisible brackets create a sleek look that elevates our space with that coveted minimalist charm. The shelves hover elegantly, unmarred by visible supports, and give off a modern farmhouse vibe that compliments various decor styles.

While the aesthetic appeal of an uninterrupted wall space is undeniable, we’ve noted that these shelves do require a careful eye during installation to ensure the brackets are truly hidden. However, the result is a seemingly weightless display area for succulents and collectibles, enhancing the ambiance without the clutter of traditional shelving systems.

We appreciate the refreshing absence of bulky hardware, which often detracts from a wall’s appearance. These shelves manage to assert their presence subtly and stylishly. That said, the shelves may not blend as seamlessly if installed on wall textures or colors that don’t align with the rustic brown finish, so keep that in mind.

Ease of Assembly

Putting together these QEEIG bathroom shelves was a surprisingly straightforward task. We appreciated the detailed instructions that came with the package, which allowed us to set them up single-handedly in just a few minutes. The design boasts a simple yet effective invisible bracket system. While assembling, we noted the brackets angle slightly upward, creating a more stable base for the shelves and ensuring they hold strong against the wall without any discernible sag.

We did find, however, that the included hardware could be a bit hit-or-miss. Some of us ended up opting for sturdier wall anchors to ensure the shelves could confidently hold up the advertised 25 lbs weight limit, especially when loading them with heavier items. Despite this, once mounted, the shelves sat flush against the wall and felt robust—a testament to their well-engineered support brackets.

The process might require a trip to the hardware store for some, but overall, we can say these shelves will be up and adding charm to your space in no time.

Pros and Cons


In our experience, the QEEIG Bathroom Shelves add a charming touch to any bathroom space, hitting that sweet spot between functionality and aesthetics. With its medium-density fiberboard construction, it’s durable without breaking the bank. We were particularly impressed by the width of each shelf, which measures 9.3″ deep and 23.6″ wide, providing ample space for a variety of bathroom essentials or decorative items.

Installation was a breeze; the detailed instructions ensured that even those of us who are less handy could set these up solo in no time. Plus, the enhanced steel brackets are capable of supporting up to 25 lbs—a testament to the sturdiness that we appreciate.

As for looks, the shelves have an understated elegance that complements most decors. The invisible bracket design really makes the shelves seem like they’re floating, and that farmhouse vibe truly does fill up empty wall space quite nicely.


However, we did notice a few downsides. Although these shelves give the appearance of solid wood, it’s important to note that they are not—it’s engineered wood. While still visually pleasing, some might prefer the authenticity and feel of real wood.

The color variance may catch some by surprise since the actual hue can differ slightly from what is seen in online images. This is a common issue with any wood-stained product due to lighting and screen settings.

From the feedback collected, the included screws and anchors could stand some improvement, as they may not suffice for the weight the shelves are advertised to hold. It might be prudent to prepare for a quick hardware store run for those who plan to load the shelves near their maximum capacity.

Lastly, there were isolated incidents involving bent brackets upon delivery. While such occurrences were few, it’s worth considering the potential need for an exchange should you face a similar issue.

Real Customer Testimonials

We’ve seen many people talk about these rustic brown shelves, and the consensus is pretty positive. The ease of installation is a standout point; it seems even a novice could hang them without much hassle. A common theme is the sturdiness and strong build quality that customers appreciate—no sagging or wobbling once secured to the wall.

They not only add functionality but also a charming aesthetic. Happy buyers have noted the natural and authentic-looking stain, enhancing spaces like bathrooms and living areas. The consensus is that they’re secure and neatly finished, and the dimensions are just right for a variety of uses.

However, some had issues with the hardware provided, mentioning inadequate screws and anchors for the shelf’s weight. A few experienced shipping snafus or found minor imperfections, but these incidents were generally met with prompt and satisfactory customer service.

Overall, these floating shelves are quite a hit for those seeking to marry style with practicality at a reasonable cost.

Care Instructions and Product Longevity

Having installed the QEEIG floating shelves in our bathroom, we’ve found they’re not only stylish but also fairly straightforward to maintain. Engineered wood like the Medium Density Fiberboard these shelves are made of does require some attention to ensure they last. To prevent warping or damage from humidity, it’s important to avoid placing overly damp items directly on the surface. Cleaning is as simple as wiping them down with a dry or slightly damp cloth—avoid harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners to preserve the finish.

The shelves’ sturdy support brackets are a big plus, as they easily hold up to 25 lbs when properly mounted. We’ve seen no sagging or tilting, which speaks to their design’s stability. Though not solid wood, they do mimic the farmhouse aesthetic well, and the color has remained true, with no noticeable fading.

Assembly was a breeze; the included instructions were clear, and we had everything set up in minutes. The manufacturer’s 5-year warranty provides an added layer of confidence. Overall, with sensible care, these shelves have proved both functional and durable.


After spending some time with the QEEIG 24-inch Bathroom Shelves, we’ve gathered that they’re a solid choice for anyone in need of stylish and functional wall storage. The rustic brown finish adds a warm touch to the decor, suitable for various rooms in the home. Their length provides ample space, and their sturdiness ensures that items stay secure.

Installation is a breeze, which is a big plus for us who prefer not to fuss with complicated assembly. However, it’s worth mentioning that although they’re not crafted from solid wood, they do have a convincing appearance that could fool us at first glance.

While the majority of our experiences were positive, we did note that the provided hardware could be better, as some of us encountered issues with the strength of the screws and anchors. And there was an instance where the brackets were bent upon arrival.

In the end, when it comes to balancing price, aesthetic appeal, and functionality, these shelves meet our expectations. They’ve successfully contributed to an organized and charming environment wherever we placed them, making these shelves a commendable choice for hassle-free home improvement.

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