Best Wall Hung Vanities for Modern Bathrooms

Wall hung vanities are a stylish and practical addition to any bathroom. Unlike traditional vanities that rest on the floor, these are mounted on the wall, freeing up space and giving the room a modern, clean look. They are perfect for small bathrooms where every inch of floor space matters or for those looking to create a more open and airy environment.

When considering a wall hung vanity, material quality and construction are important. Since they hang on the wall, the vanity needs to be sturdy enough to handle daily use. It’s also crucial to check the storage options provided. You want a model that balances aesthetics with functionality, offering enough space to keep your bathroom essentials organized.

Mounting height is another factor. Ensuring the vanity is mounted at a comfortable height can make daily use more pleasant. We spent hours researching and analyzing various wall hung vanities to find the ones that combine high-quality materials, practicality, and style.

Best Wall Hung Vanities

Here you will find our carefully selected list of the best wall hung vanities. These options offer great style, functionality, and durability for any bathroom.

Best Overall


  • Sleek, modern design that adds a sophisticated touch
  • Soft-close drawers that reduce noise and wear
  • Fully assembled for easy installation


  • Faucet must be bought separately
  • Large size may not fit smaller bathrooms
  • Prone to fingerprints and smudges

This wall hung vanity is a strong choice for anyone looking to maximize both style and functionality in their bathroom.

The Fresca Tuscany 48″ Rosewood vanity immediately stands out with its modern design. The smooth, rosewood finish gives it a very sophisticated look that can uplift any bathroom. We were impressed by its sturdy MDF construction, ensuring it will last for many years. The wall-mounted installation creates a neat, clean appearance while giving you extra floor space.

One great feature is the soft-close drawers. They operate quietly and prevent any hard slamming, which can be damaging over time. With two full-extension drawers, there is ample organized storage for all your bathroom essentials. Having the vanity arrive fully assembled is a big convenience, saving time and hassle.

However, it’s important to note that the faucet isn’t included, which means an additional purchase is necessary. Also, its larger size might not be suitable for smaller bathrooms. We also noticed that the finish can show fingerprints easily, so it might require frequent cleaning. Even with these minor drawbacks, the Fresca Tuscany 48″ Rosewood vanity remains a stylish and functional choice.

Best Overall


  • Sleek design enhances bathroom aesthetics
  • Plenty of storage with soft-closing drawers
  • Comes with a spacious, mirrored medicine cabinet


  • Some units may arrive damaged
  • Durability concerns with faucet varnish
  • Heavy, needs careful installation

This vanity brings a sleek look and offers great storage, but some issues with quality control could be a concern.

The Fresca Valencia Wall Hung Modern Bathroom Vanity adds a touch of modern elegance to any bathroom. We love how the gloss white finish and aluminum handles give it a polished look. The soft-closing drawers and doors are a great touch, making the vanity feel high-end and functional.

It’s not just about looks. The storage space is impressive, with ample room for all our bathroom essentials. The vanity also includes a large, mirrored medicine cabinet with adjustable shelves, which is ideal for organizing smaller items. It’s nice to have a single piece that combines style with practicality.

One drawback we encountered was the condition of the vanity on arrival. Some parts were damaged, which was disappointing. Additionally, the varnish on the faucet areas seems to wear down quickly, so we recommend being gentle with cleaning. Installation was also a bit challenging due to the heft of the vanity, so consider professional help to avoid any mishaps.

Best Overall


  • Solid wood frame provides durability
  • Soft-closing doors and drawers for quiet use
  • Elegant quartz countertop


  • Sinks need to be installed separately
  • Faucets not included
  • Higher price point

This vanity offers good value for a modern bathroom upgrade, featuring two sinks and plenty of storage.

We found assembling the Fresca Lucera vanity fairly straightforward, thanks to the included hardware. The solid wood frame feels durable, and the soft-closing doors and drawers add a touch of luxury.

The quartz countertop is striking and pairs well with the undermount sinks. The storage compartments and drawer provide ample space for our bathroom essentials.

A drawback is the sinks arriving separately, requiring some installation effort. Also, faucets need to be purchased separately. Despite these issues, this unit is a quality addition to any bathroom.

Best Overall


  • Attractive glossy white finish
  • Soft-close drawers
  • Integrated acrylic sink


  • Faucet not included
  • Heavy weight
  • Limited storage space

This sleek and modern vanity adds a touch of elegance to any bathroom.

The Fresca Valencia vanity impresses with its glossy white finish, which brightens up any bathroom. Its two soft-close drawers slide smoothly and prevent slamming, making it both convenient and gentle on the ears.

We love the integrated acrylic sink, which fits seamlessly into the vanity and makes cleaning a breeze. The modern, floating design also gives the bathroom a spacious feel, making it ideal for smaller spaces.

On the downside, the vanity does not come with a faucet, meaning an extra purchase is necessary. It’s also quite heavy, which might make installation challenging. Additionally, while the drawers are nice, they don’t provide a ton of storage space.

Overall, the Fresca Valencia vanity is a stylish and functional choice for those wanting to update their bathroom with a touch of modern elegance.

Best Overall


  • Elegant design with a sleek, modern look
  • Ample storage with innovative nested drawers
  • Soft-closing drawer system prevents slamming


  • Some units arrived damaged or with poor quality materials
  • Installation can be tricky with unclear instructions
  • Customer service concerns regarding replacements and refunds

This stylish and modern vanity is perfect for those looking to enhance the contemporary feel of their bathroom, but beware of potential quality issues.

The Fresca Mezzo 60 Inch White Wall Hung Vanity stands out with its sleek, modern design. The double sink feature, coupled with a white acrylic-resin countertop, adds a chic touch to any bathroom. We were especially impressed with its smooth lines and wave-like bottom.

Inside, the vanity boasts two soft-closing drawers that open to reveal a nested drawer system. This clever design provides tons of space for all your bathroom essentials. We found that the drawers closed quietly and smoothly each time, offering a reliable and convenient storage solution.

On the flip side, we encountered challenges during installation. The instructions were not very clear, which made the process more complicated than expected. Additionally, some users reported receiving damaged units with poor quality materials. Customer service issues concerning replacements and refunds only added to the frustration.

Despite these drawbacks, we believe the Fresca Mezzo is a stylish addition to any modern bathroom. Ensure you check for quality and clarity of the installation guide to make the most of this vanity.

Best Overall


  • Trendy design with a stylish white sink
  • Offers excellent storage with three soft-close doors
  • Easy to install and provides a floating appearance


  • Faucet must be purchased separately
  • Limited to three cabinet doors with no drawers
  • Heavy to handle during installation

This vanity is a sleek, modern addition that offers a lot of functionality and style to any bathroom.

The Fresca Vista 60 Inch Wall Hung Vanity really updates the look of a bathroom. Its white acrylic sink with a thick profile feels very modern. The wall-mounted feature adds a floating, spacious feel to the room, making it seem larger.

The storage is a huge plus. Three soft-close doors make accessing bathroom essentials easy and quiet. The brushed aluminum handles give a nice touch, adding to the sleek look of the vanity.

Though it needs a separate faucet purchase, its advantages far outweigh this minor inconvenience. The vanity’s high-quality materials promise durability, and its beautiful design undoubtedly enhances your bathroom’s aesthetics.

Buying Guide

When choosing a wall hung vanity, there are several important factors to keep in mind.

Size and Space

First, measure your bathroom. Our vanity should fit the space without overwhelming it. Smaller bathrooms need more compact vanities, while larger ones can handle bigger sizes.


We recommend looking at materials like wood, MDF, and ceramic. Wood offers a classic look, but needs more maintenance. MDF is budget-friendly and durable. Ceramic is easy to clean.

Storage Options

Think about how much storage you need. Drawers, cabinets, and shelves can help us keep our bathroom organized. Look for soft-close drawers for quieter operation.


Our vanities should match the overall style of the bathroom. Modern styles often feature clean lines and minimalistic designs. Traditional styles may have more decorative elements.

Sink Type

There are different sink types to consider. Integrated sinks are easier to clean. Vessel sinks sit on top of the vanity and offer a stylish look. Undermount sinks are installed under the countertop for a seamless appearance.

Sink TypeProsCons
IntegratedEasy to clean, seamless lookLimited design options
VesselStylish, variety in designMore difficult to clean
UndermountSeamless appearance, more countertop spaceInstallation can be complex

Faucet Compatibility

Check if our chosen vanity comes with pre-drilled holes for the faucet. Some vanities might need specific faucets, which can limit our choices.


Wall hung vanities need to be securely mounted to the wall. We might need professional installation for a secure fit.

By considering these factors, we can find the best vanities for our needs.