After incorporating a new addition to our skincare routine, we realized that taking care of our skin doesn’t have to be a complicated affair. The ELEMIS Dynamic Resurfacing Facial Pads caught our attention with its simplicity and effectiveness. Within just a single use, our skin felt rejuvenated and smoother than before.

Crafted by ELEMIS, a brand renowned for its natural ingredients and skin-friendly products, these pads stand out with their dual-action approach. Think of these as your at-home facial treatment; they gently exfoliate, resurface, and invigorate the skin. With regular use, we’ve noticed a significant reduction in fine lines and a clearer, more radiant complexion.

Not only are the pads convenient to use, but they’re also designed for mature skin, addressing a variety of concerns with their natural composition. Though we experienced no irritation, even with our sensitive skin, these pads are definitely a premium product with a price tag to match. The consensus among users is that they’re a worthy investment for the results they deliver.

Bottom Line

As seasoned skincare enthusiasts, we’re impressed by how well the ELEMIS Dynamic Resurfacing Facial Pads have performed. These pads might be on the pricier side, but for clearing, smoothing, and brightening the skin, they’ve certainly earned their stripes in our nightly regimen.

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Overview of ELEMIS Dynamic Resurfacing Pads

After recently incorporating these resurfacing pads into our skincare routine, we’ve noticed a significant improvement in the texture and clarity of our skin. Designed for mature skin types, the natural ingredients in the pads allow for a gentle yet effective exfoliation. Originating from the United Kingdom, the brand’s commitment to quality is evident in the results.

The pads come in a 60-count container and are simple to use—a factor that shouldn’t be underestimated for those of us with busy schedules. They have become a staple three times a week to help keep our skin smooth, bright, and our pores unclogged. While they’re on the pricier side, the cost is somewhat offset by the visible benefits, like the immediate refreshed sensation and the longer-term smoother and more radiant complexion.

It’s worth mentioning that they’re particularly good for blemish-prone skin. However, if you have sensitive skin, it might be wise to ease into using these pads to avoid any potential redness. Starting slow and then working up to more frequent use as your skin acclimatizes is a strategy that has worked well for us. Despite the expense, when compared to professional spa treatments, these pads hold their own by delivering spa-like results in the comfort of our own homes.

Dual-Action Exfoliation

In our quest for smoother skin, we’ve come across these resurfacing facial pads that strike a delicate balance between efficacy and gentleness. The textured treatment pads are commendable for their dual-action approach. We’ve used them about three times a week, a frequency which seems optimal for maintaining the fine line between exfoliation and skin care without causing irritation. The pads don’t just slough away dead cells but also revitalize the skin, leaving it noticeably refreshed after each use.

We have felt the changes ourselves; with regular use, our skin appears clearer and possesses a glow that implies good health more than skincare diligence. They are simple to handle and have a natural composition that aligns well with mature skin types. That said, they are an investment. They may come at a higher price point compared to your average drugstore find, but for us, the results justify the expense. It’s a spa-like treatment at home, and given their natural base, our confidence in them only grows.

However, we do recommend starting slow to gauge skin response and working up to daily use to avoid any potential redness. Feedback from the community emphasizes their suitability for dealing with textured, bumpy skin and improving overall skin clarity. We’ve integrated them into our evening routine and tend to follow up with a soothing moisturizer for the best results.

Natural Ingredients

Recently, we had the pleasure of trying out the ELEMIS facial pads and we’re quite impressed by the incorporation of natural elements in their design. The brand, known for its commitment to quality, has focused on the use of natural ingredients for these resurfacing pads. This approach aligns well with our preference for skincare products that are gentle yet effective.

One standout aspect is that these pads avoid harsh chemicals, leaning instead on naturally sourced components to achieve skin resurfacing. This is especially appealing for those of us with mature skin types, as it minimizes the risk of irritation. We’ve noticed that after using the pads, our skin felt smoother without the discomfort that can accompany exfoliating treatments.

While ELEMIS doesn’t disclose a complete ingredient list, the product’s ‘Material Feature: Natural’ specification suggests a thoughtful selection aimed at maintaining skin health. It’s refreshing to use a product that feels like it nurtures rather than strips, a common issue with some exfoliants.

In conclusion, the balance of efficacy and gentleness provided by natural ingredients in the ELEMIS pads demonstrates a commendable commitment to skin-friendly formulations.

Packaging & Quantity

From our experience with the ELEMIS Facial Pads, the packaging is sleek and designed with a user-friendly approach. The container is compact and fits easily on any bathroom shelf or vanity, making it quite handy for daily use. You receive 60 textured pads, each carefully saturated with a solution formulated for resurfacing and exfoliating the skin. This quantity is generous, considering you would typically use one pad per day, giving you a full two months’ supply.

The pad container features a secure lid that helps in preventing the pads from drying out, maintaining their efficacy over time. The fact that they come from the United Kingdom, a place known for its quality skincare manufacturing, further instills confidence in the product’s craftsmanship.

While we admire the minimalistic and sturdy design, we also appreciate the brand’s choice of natural materials, aligning with a more environmentally conscious approach. In terms of quantity and packaging, these facial pads strike a good balance between form, function, and sustainability.

Skin Type Compatibility

From our experience with the ELEMIS facial pads, we’ve observed they’re particularly beneficial for those with mature skin. The texture and composition of the pads are designed to resurface and exfoliate effectively, which could align well with the needs of aging skin desiring a smooth, rejuvenated appearance.

We found that the pads are gentle enough for regular use, and the natural materials incorporated into their design seem to be considerate of sensitive mature skin. The balanced formulation by ELEMIS aims to avoid harsh reactions while providing a consistent exfoliating action.

However, users with extremely sensitive or younger skin types should approach with caution, as the resurfacing elements might be too intense for their skin. It’s always wise to do a patch test before incorporating a new product into your routine.

Careful consideration of individual skin type before use of these facial pads can lead to the best outcome, ensuring that the product enhances rather than disrupts your skincare regimen.

Pros and Cons

After some time with the ELEMIS Facial Pads, we’ve gathered our thoughts. Here’s what stands out to us:


  • Gentle on Sensitive Skin: We’ve used the pads about three times a week and noticed they don’t irritate, even on our sensitive skin. They’re soft enough for regular use without causing discomfort.
  • Immediate Refreshment: The feeling of freshness and cleanliness after using the pad is undeniable. It’s a quick pick-me-up that leaves our skin feeling rejuvenated.
  • Visible Skin Improvements: With regular use over a few months, we could see clear changes. Our skin has become smoother, clearer, and has a noticeable glow.
  • Effective Exfoliation: The pads effectively combat texture issues, blemishes, and provide an excellent cleaning experience. We saw improvements in skin texture after regular use.
  • Convenience: They come in a handy pack and are simple to use. It’s a straightforward addition to our night routine that feels like a mini facial at home.


  • Price Point: Although we love the results, the cost is on the higher side, which might be a concern for budget-conscious consumers.
  • Potentially Strong for New Users: We recommend starting slow, as daily use initially can lead to redness. Best to ease into it.
  • Packaging Issues: There were instances when the liquid arrived spilled, and the lack of an original box raised authenticity concerns for some of our team members.

Our experience has been predominantly positive, but mindful consideration of the price and initial sensitivity is advised.

Customer Reviews

Having tried the resurfacing pads ourselves, we’ve noticed they’re quite the hit within the community. With an impressive 4.6-star rating from over 2300 total ratings, it’s clear that many users have found them to be a beneficial addition to their skincare routine. Consumers have experienced the pads as easy to use, even for those with sensitive skin, mentioning they don’t cause irritation and are great for regular exfoliation to maintain clean pores and brighter skin.

From our use, we can say that the skin indeed feels refreshed instantly after application. Users note visible improvements over a few months, citing clearer, smoother, and more radiant skin. Some liken the cost to the savings from spa treatments, finding the price justifiable for the results they’re attaining.

There are, however, mentions of the price being on the higher side, especially when compared to similar over-the-counter products. The recommendation from the community is to start off slow with the application frequency to prevent any potential redness, working up to daily use as the skin adjusts.

While infrequent, there are critiques about packaging and doubts over authenticity due to the delivery of damaged or unboxed products. It’s something to be mindful of when ordering.

Overall, it appears the pads make an effective choice for exfoliation, leaving one’s skin smooth and potentially helping with blemishes and uneven skin texture, drawing in users who are seeking a reliable and efficient facial treatment pad.


After several weeks of integrating the ELEMIS pads into our routine, we’ve noticed our skin has become smoother and more radiant. What stands out is their dual-action process, which exfoliates and resurfaces without causing irritation, even on our sensitive skin. We appreciate that they’re convenient for a quick refresh and work effectively to clear pores. While some may find the cost a bit steep compared to similar products, we find the results — clearer, brighter skin — justify the investment. However, we do advise starting with less frequent applications to gauge skin sensitivity. Our experience aligns with the general consensus of glowing reviews, and though we are always on the lookout for value, the consistent performance of these pads has left us impressed. They’ve become a trusted step in our skincare regimen, and for those seeking to enhance their facial routine, we consider these pads a worthwhile choice.

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