When you stumble upon a beauty innovation that combines skincare and tech, it’s hard not to get a little excited. Recently, we had the opportunity to try out the OPULUS Beauty Labs Smooth & Brighten System Collection. This innovative skincare device promises to renew and rejuvenate your skin with its unique blend of Activator with AHA Facial and Vitamin C Concentrate.

From the get-go, we were intrigued by the fact that the brains behind this collection come with quite the pedigree. It’s not every day that you see products developed by experts with roots in trailblazing companies like Clarisonic and Sonicare. The treatment experience itself is quite something; it starts with opulent pods that the Activator turns into serene serums or creamy concoctions, depending on the formulation. The result? A kind of daily indulgence that leaves your skin feeling fresh and vibrant.

We found the AHA Facial pods particularly impressive, as they combine fruit acids to exfoliate while hydrating the skin. On the other hand, the Vitamin C Concentrate pods were a morning treat, aiming to brighten and smooth the complexion over time. The system comes with both an 8-week supply of Vitamin C and a 3 1/2-week supply of AHA Facial, which seems ample enough to judge the results. And though some users mentioned issues with the device’s functionality, ours worked without a hitch, delivering that warm, pampering experience that felt nothing short of luxurious.

Bottom Line

The OPULUS Beauty Labs Smooth & Brighten Kit holds promise for those looking to infuse some tech-assisted luxury into their skincare regimen.

The customized heats and blends of the Activator elevate the skin-nurturing actives, which seem to contribute to a brighter, more hydrated complexion.

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Overview of OPULUS Beauty Labs Smooth & Brighten System

Recently, we got our hands on the Smooth & Brighten Kit from OPULUS Beauty Labs, and we’ve been quite engaged by its unique approach to skincare. Founded by Dr. Robb Akridge of Clarisonic fame, OPULUS is making waves with a range of treatments that mix the familiarity of serums and creams with an innovative twist—the Activator. This nifty gadget turns compact Opoule blends into fresh and warm applications, a bit of everyday luxury that feels particularly indulgent.

The AHA Facial is a standout, blending fruit acids with fats to slough away dead skin for a more vibrant and hydrated look. It finishes with a soothing, milky rinse which made our skin feel incredibly smooth. Ah, and the Vitamin C Concentrate is a powerhouse with pure Vitamin C and other phytonutrients, coming in an encapsulated form that keeps everything potent. It’s light as a daily moisturizer and diligently fights off environmental stressors, aiding in cell turnover for that coveted smoothness and glow.

We found that the kit provides enough product for a thorough trial with an 8-week supply of Vitamin C and a 3 1/2-week supply of the AHA Facial. It fits seamlessly into daily routines, allowing for consistent use—and that’s crucial for real results. Users mention seeing improvements in their skin’s brightness, texture, and hydration levels.

We also enjoyed that the experience has a personal touch to it; creating your blends feels like you’re part of the process. While the cleaning of the device can be a tad tricky, the warmth it imparts to the treatments adds a spa-like feel. Despite a few hiccups with device functionality reported, the overall sentiment seems positive. It’s a kit that’s both innovative and straightforward, catering to those who are serious about skincare and appreciate a bit of pampering in their routine.

AHA Facial Experience

After giving the OPULUS Smooth & Brighten Kit a try, we were intrigued by the AHA Facial component. This product boasts a blend of fruit acids and fats that promise to exfoliate and hydrate the skin. We found that it does deliver a refreshed complexion and a certain radiance that seemed to emanate from within. Following the treatment with a milky rinse did leave our skin with a notably smooth and supple texture.

While the experience was mostly positive, it’s worth mentioning that the activator requires a bit of a learning curve. Cleaning it can be somewhat tricky, but once you get the hang of it, the process of transforming the opoules into a cream is quite satisfying.

Feedback from other users has been mixed. Some have cited visible improvements in brightness and texture. Others have encountered operational issues with their devices. It’s clear that when the system works as intended, users enjoy the warm, creamy application and the resulting glow to their skin. However, be prepared to reach out for support in case you run into any technical hiccups.

Vitamin C+ Concentrate

Upon trying the Vitamin C+ Concentrate from the OPULUS Beauty Labs Smooth & Brighten System, we found it quite enriching for our routine. The concentrate feels like a guardian against environmental aggressors, thanks to the encapsulated pure Vitamin C and other potent phytonutrients. It’s not just about the glow; we noticed our skin feeling smoother and saw a notable clarity emerge over time.

While we appreciate the lightweight and daily moisturizing benefits it provides, we must mention that it’s a commitment. To truly see results, consistent application is key, and thankfully, the kit comes with an 8-week supply of the Vitamin C+ Concentrate. We encountered a few challenges in the beginning, adjusting to the new addition to our regime, but the payoff was a brighter, more even complexion.

Unfortunately, as with any skincare product, not all experiences are seamless. The Activator, necessary to whip up the concentrate, can be a bit tricky to clean, and there has been rare feedback about technical difficulties with the device. However, these instances seem few and far between. Overall, the Vitamin C+ Concentrate stands as a solid choice for those looking to enhance their skin’s radiance and hydration.

Ease of Use

When we got our hands on the Smooth & Brighten Kit, the first thing we noticed was how it integrates into a daily skincare routine with ease. The activator is designed to warm and whip the pods into a cream—a process that takes just about 20 seconds. It’s a small addition to the morning or evening regimen but feels like a bit of everyday luxury.

Some users might find the cleaning part slightly intricate, but it’s a small trade-off for the warm and soothing application. We recommend allowing some time to get used to the maintenance for long-term satisfaction. Additionally, there’s a learning curve to mastering the correct use of the moisturizer, with the best results seen when applied 30 minutes before sleeping.

However, a few users reported issues with powering on the device, which could be down to user error or a unit malfunction. While this isn’t a widespread problem, it’s something to be aware of. Despite this, our overall impression is that this kit from OPULUS Beauty Labs, with its simple operation and delightful sensorial experience, adds a touch of easy indulgence to regular skin care, making us look and feel refreshed.

Skin Care Benefits

In our experience with the OPULUS Beauty Labs Smooth & Brighten Kit, we’ve noticed a substantial improvement in our skin’s texture and brightness. The combination of AHA Facial and Vitamin C Concentrate is a powerful duo that leaves the skin feeling rejuvenated. After using the AHA Facial, our skin felt smoother, with a clear reduction in dead surface cells. The Vitamin C Concentrate added an extra layer of protection against environmental factors, and we could see the difference in our skin’s firmness and clarity.

Moreover, the products are designed to last, with the AHA Facial providing around 3 and a half weeks of application and the Vitamin C Concentrate stretching to 8 weeks of use. The convenience of having a long-lasting supply makes it easier for us to maintain a consistent skin care routine.

While we enjoyed the hydrating effects and the brightening of our complexions, it’s imperative to note that results can vary depending on individual skin types. However, the OPULUS products didn’t disappoint in improving overall skin health. The blend of quality ingredients, without the need for filler or fluff, speaks to the collection’s thoughtful formulation.

The lack of irritation was a welcome benefit, though anyone with sensitive skin should approach new products cautiously. The brand’s dedication to changing the beauty industry is certainly reflected in the effectiveness of this skin care routine.

Pros and Cons

Having tested the OPULUS Beauty Labs Smooth & Brighten Kit, we are ready to share our thoughts on its performance and value. Based on our experience, as well as a synthesis of various customer testimonials, we’ll highlight what stands out for both its advantages and its disadvantages.


  • The AHA Facial from this kit provides a noticeable exfoliation effect, which we found does lead to smoother and more radiant skin after consistent use, living up to its promise.
  • The Vitamin C Concentrate feels light on the skin and we observed its brightening effects on our complexions over the eight-week period it is intended for.
  • Convenience is a plus here; the combination of facial and vitamin concentrate means you’re getting a complete skin care routine in one package.
  • The novelty of the Activator transforming solid Opoule into serums adds a unique twist to the skincare regimen, which we found quite enjoyable.
  • In general, the product is easy to use, with the process of mixing and applying the products taking minimal time.


  • Some users have reported issues with the device not powering on or functioning correctly, which could indicate potential reliability issues.
  • Cleaning the device can be somewhat tedious, as we found it requires careful attention to ensure product residue is fully removed.
  • The cost could be a barrier for those on a budget; the investment is significant, and it’s something to consider if you’re not ready to commit to a higher-end skincare regimen.
  • With an eight-week supply for the Vitamin C Concentrate and three and a half weeks for the AHA Facial, replenishment costs could add up over time.
  • The warm cream produced by the device, though luxurious, may not appeal to everyone, especially if you prefer a quicker, more straightforward application without the wait.

Customer Reviews

We’ve spent some time exploring the feedback from those who’ve made the OPULUS Smooth & Brighten System part of their skincare routine. With a solid 4.2-star rating from 19 total reviews, the consensus is that this skincare collection shows promising results. Users report noticeable improvements in skin brightness, suppleness, and overall texture.

While one customer expressed their satisfaction with the warming sensation during use, another mentioned it takes a bit of effort to clean the device afterwards. Many reviews detail positive experiences with the Activator, describing it as an enjoyable part of daily self-care.

However, it’s not without its drawbacks. A few people have experienced technical difficulties with their devices, such as power issues and non-functioning units right out of the box. This inconsistency in product functionality is something buyers should be aware of.

Overall, our dive into customer testimonials reveals that while most users are delighted with their smoother and more radiant skin, the challenges of cleaning and occasional technical troubles are points worth considering before purchase.


After spending quality time with the OPULUS Smooth & Brighten Kit, we’ve gathered that it holds promise for those struggling with dry skin in need of rejuvenation. Many users, including ourselves, have noticed their skin appears more radiant and feels smoother upon regular use of the system. The clever design that warms and whips the concentrate into a luxurious cream adds a touch of indulgence to routine skin care.

However, we did observe some concerns about the device’s ease of cleaning, which might be a minor inconvenience. Additionally, a few reports of malfunctioning units have surfaced, which could be down to incidental defects but are worth considering. With an overall rating of 4.2 out of 19 ratings, the general feedback leans positive. The product has its fans, especially for those who’ve incorporated it successfully into their skincare regime and enjoy the warming sensation of the activated facial creams.

In our experience, the anticipation of using the device added a pleasant touch to our skin care routine. While the gift bundle aspect makes it a charming present option, we advise potential buyers to weigh the pros and cons, particularly if device reliability is a top concern for you.

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